Parents are the primary teachers of the faith (CCC #1653) and therefore are responsible for preparing their children for the Sacraments. The Church understands that this task can be very challenging and helps by providing of faith formation through the parish, especially for sacrament preparation. Those attending Jordan Catholic School receive preparation during their normal religion class. Those attending home, private, or public schools receive preparation through the Children's Religious Education Program (CCD) offered on Wednesdays, 5:00-6:30pm at St. Pius X Parish in Rock Island.

Requirements to Receive Confirmation:

  • Eighth Grade or older
  • Baptized Catholic (or Received into the Catholic Church) and have received First Communion
  • Enrolled in two consecutive years of religious instruction, whether at a Catholic parochial school, CCD, or an approved homeschool curriculum.
  • Completion of Confirmation Service Hours
  • Attendance at Confirmation Retreat in January